Nothing replaces wholeheartedness.

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  1. Holy_is_his_Name


    I saw that you joined a Christian blog and I would like you to check out my site.

    If you like please Comment & Subscribe.

    Yours in Christ,

  2. golf_goofy

    How’s your car? Did everything get worked out from the fender bender?

  3. Anonymous

    man verious, i admire your heart!!
     homie once i read that you where prayin for me and that God
    put me in your heart .. wow…. cant even describe what happened
    in my heart…

    lets just say that His Love is greater than any darkness i will ever feel…
    homie thanks for bieng such an example…love you man!
    i thank God for you homie!

    stay loyal and true… one

  4. CxAxRxE

    what a word… wholeheartedness. this line get my brain roll’n. ahh thanks for the reminder!

  5. LovinNewZealand

    Hey V–

    Yeah, I understand you not indentifying with the whole “wife” side of my entry.    Isn’t it fascinating how this lesson of learning to trust God seems to never end?  There are such deep places of oneness the Lord wants to bring us to, that once we feel as though we’ve begun to trust, he reveals yet another area he wants our surrender in.  I believe this journey will continue until we can say, like Jesus did, “I and the Father are one.  So you also, be one as we are one.”  Your sold-out whole-heartedness for the Lord is the kind of commitment that will make waves in this world… i am encouraged to see your heart hard-after-Him.  Blessings!


  6. Coolmaniac987

    Hey dude its Andrew, from ur science class

    Just saying awsome blessings to you man.


  7. golf_goofy

    We’ll be praying…

    Thanks for the update.. I’ve been in a few accidents myself.. and I know what kind of a pain they can be.


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