Shocked by the reality of God’s kingdom.

So yesterday I was at work and standing at the register when a gentleman selling fragrances walked into the store. I watched as my manager talked to this gentleman for at least an hour. While I was there at the register checking other customers out I began to feel a hurting sensation in my left shoulder. I began to inquire of the Lord as to what was the reason for this and understood that it could possibly be the Lord prompting me to speak to gentleman to my left and as I stepped out in faith the Lord took over. I asked the gentle man had he ever had any problems with his right shoulder (The first thing that came out of my mouth was right even though the pain was in my left. In shock and awe my manager and the gentleman asked me how did i know this seeing that they had never talked about this whatsoever and his shoulder seemed to the eye to be perfectly normal. I was a word of knowledge from the Lord. Immediately there was a shift in the atmosphere and conversation and they began to talk about the things of God. I asked the gentle man what had happened and he recounted to me that the shoulder in question was one in which he had been shot and had constant trouble in even to the point of sometimes not being able to move it at all. I asked Him could I pray for it for God to heal it and he consented and there before my manager I prayed for his shoulder. He left soon afterward. But my manager who witnessed this was prepared for the word so the Lord opened the door and I told him about the Love of Jesus. That gentle man thought hewould be selling fragrances but that day the fragrance of Christ was released.

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