Trashing Plasticity Through Trust

“Oh that we knew how God longs that we should trust Him, and how surely His every promise must be fulfilled to those who do so! Oh that we knew how it is owing to nothing but our unbelief that we cannot enter into the possession of God’s promises, and that God cannot -yes, cannot—do His mighty works in us, and for us, and through us! Oh that we knew how one of the surest remedies for our unbelief—the divinely chosen cure for it—is the Covenant into which God has entered with us! The whole dispensation of the Spirit, the whole economy of grace in Christ Jesus, the whole of our spiritual life, the whole of the health and growth and strength of the Church, has been laid down and provided for, and secured in the New Covenant. No wonder that, where that Covenant, with its wonderful promises, is so little thought of, its plea for an abounding and unhesitating confidence in God so little understood, its claim upon the faithfulness of the Omnipotent God so little tested; no wonder that Christian life should miss the joy and the strength, the holiness and the heavenliness which God meant and so clearly promised that it should have.” -Andrew Murray ‘Two Covenants’

When I get on here I often want to look like a spiritual muchacho, a giant in Jesus, but if it’s not real it’s nothing. The truth of a life riddled with weakness and failure is even more a reason for me to trust God for completion of the work He started in me.

There is no possible way i can enjoy both God and the world. Yet I find that in certain areas the dispositions of the world have crept in. The other day while at work the Lord took me back in my heart to the day when I was in Oklahoma out in front of Curt’s house with Him (the Lord). Even as I thought of that moment I did long for that once again. I do love Him. Yet I know I need His strength to overcome the things of which I have spoken of previously. Yet, “Who is he who overcomes the world but He who believes Jesus is the Son of God.” This is a fact that God has made real to me and no one can convince me that He is not. I know it was He alone who was sent by the Father to come and to destroy the works of the devil. I will trust Him to destroy every one of those works in my life. He is able and will do it. Oh, Lord how is it that I could ever forget about the reality of Your longing for me. You Love me! Thank You for that. Have your way in me.

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