May God bless every one of you that encouraged and have been praying for me, you’re appreciated more than you know.

     Today i had figure drawing class. we went out side and drew each other.  It was fun.  Getting adjusted to where God has me at this moment in some ways have not been easy.  But His grace has afforded me the courage to face some situations that were considered  “hard” by me in the past. But is there anything too hard for God?! 

     Jenna – Lee, you did strike a chord by the Holy Spirit being prompted to write about, “resting in His knowing.”  Resting is exactly what He’s teaching me.

God bless.


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  1. theresgottobemore

    i will tell manny to call you, post your number on his site, and I’ll make sure He calls you

    thank you for being a faithful friend to both of us, good to hear from you



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