Well, I’m here at the school and had planned on doing homework ….(sort of) but didn’t get anything done.  Oh, well I’ll get it done soon.  Just wanted to drop a few lines.   I am still surrounded by the “cloud of unknowing” in part. But God knows.  And I know that my steps are ordered.  Thank you all for your prayers I’m praying for all of you. God bless.


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  1. hpuSASSY

    Hey, my Grandma passed away… and Its really hard casue i cant get home… I have 7 days left here… just please pray for peace…

  2. moosetraxmaidn

    what up V?  it’s good to see you’re still alive.  haha, thanks, i was going for that c-mas effect.  so you’re in school now? i’ve a year and a 1/2 to go and then ??? such is the beauty of life..that you live and never really know the winding journey that you’re gonna take.  it’s good hearing from you 🙂

  3. LovinNewZealand

    Thanks, V. 

    Sometimes just resting in HIS knowing is more liberating than us knowing.  Sometimes its frustrating, but its really liberating when real resting happens.  I’ll be praying for wisdom for you. 


  4. Ky_Wes

    wuz up cuz, good to see ya drop me line, be good man

  5. Singinthemic

    lol. obey my thirst…isn’t that sprite…i think?? anyway…good see you drop a line.

  6. Layney

    hey there. i do know jacinda lynn. she’s a fun girlie. how are you doing?


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