I’m at my sister’s house at this moment.  I finally have a day off and time to recap on life.  There have been so many things going on that at times I feel I get caught up in a whirlwind of frantic happenings.

     I am now a student at American Intercontinental University in Houston.  I will be majoring in Visual Communications and in three years graduate with a bachelor’s in it.  This seems to be the direction that God has led me in although I don’t see how this fits into what I’ve felt God has called me to do for the past couple of years but I will choose to trust.  

     I am now working at Shoe Carnival in west Houston and the school is five minutes from my job.  I can see the hand of the Lord in it being that I work with an atheist and an agnostic who continually question me as to why I believe what i believe.   It is my desire to be the light that God has called me to be the way that He wants me to be so please pray that I would be.  God has clearly shown me what I ought to be as illustrated in a poem He recently gave me:

Precious in God’s own sight is the death of His saint’s.

Dying daily’s no choice, it’s our only mandate.

For the brilliance to shine from the Christ that’s within.

Theres one choice we must pay, tis to crucify sin.

Possessed by His glory and inflamed by His love

We’ll soon know the life that’s been sent from above.

Come and bear the cross manfully, Jesus awaits.

To resist or turn stubbornly could death seal other’s fates.

Gird up now! with the Conquerer, shun all past hurts and pains.

Now! resist every lie that discredits His name.

Believe the promises He’s spoken will never prove false

Then watch His ressurection fill you, flowing from the Holy Ghost

     One thing I know is that the Lord has been continually calling me to come closer to Him.  There have been times when I have had short sessions of praise and prayer but it is evident that my focus has been terribly distracted and wrong.  My quiet times have been null but it seems to me as if I have not had the resoluteness to cut out all the unessentials that pull me from the Lord.  If you pray for me pray that I’d have enough ruthlessness to cut those things off and in this time I (and all times) am a pauper for your prayers.  Your charitous donation could mean the life of this begger.

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