I have not fallen out of existence just pressed for time.

I’ll post laterGod bless.


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  1. wildandfree

    i’m glad.
    i understand the time thing too. =]

    eternal blessings,


  2. LovinNewZealand

    Wow!!  Haven’t heard from you in it seems, an eternity!  how you doing?  I hope blessed!  Are you going to alumni weekend?  We should have our mobster class get together at the secret place again.  How great would that be?!  Anyways, be blessed, always seeking his face!


  3. Anonymous

    mr verious!!! hey man its always always always!!! a blessing to hear from u brother!!
    iam excited that we have contact with each other again, and i hope that we both stand in
    agreement and utilize that to the fullest… but yeah all is well for the most on my part
    but get back at me…i would love to hear whats new on your heart my good friend>
    aight… holla

  4. smokestackwilson

    Just enjoyin life bro.  It sucks sometimes, but God is faithful, and what a gift we have to breathe for a while right?  You’re awesome V.  Keep loving people around you cause that’s what I remember about you, and everyone around you is blessed by you all the time bro.

  5. Anonymous

    “so whats really crackalackin’ are you down with Christ / get some major marination’ and be sanctified “/   hahaha memeber that!!


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