Hey everybody,

sorry its been so long!  I have been really busy w/ school and all and haven’t had much time for Xanga.  But if any of you HA alumni could help me out by answering this question i would really appreciate it.

What has Randy Olsson been up to and where is he at???

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  1. tHiS_i_KnOw


    Randy is still at tm as an RD and is dating Britney Moore- a girl in his sister core when he was a CA.  Thats all i know….how are u?

  2. wildandfree

    brother!!! happy new year :o)

    good to see ya around.


  3. wildandfree

    hey again–

    i don’t know about randy, but i have a question for ya:

    do you know how to get in touch with todd mayfield? his alum. profile isn’t updated. do you know if he’s in cali? i’m heading out there soon and wanted to run into him…

    thought you might know. thanks bro! =)

  4. golf_goofy

    Thank you so much for the word of God and the encouragement I was really needing that.

  5. theeDtrain


    Update your site homie! hey randy called me like a week ago- email me and i’ll send you his number. [email protected]



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