Im leaving tommorrow on a flight to Seattle, Washington.  Once there i will meet up with Curt Buzzard and Brandon Redfearne.  Why will i be going there? (imagine a deep south Southern Baptist or oldtime Pentecstal preacher’s voice) Holy Matrimony. Yay thats right my brothas’ and sistas’  ima gon witness (hah) ima gon’ witness. God  Gawdddd  Gaaaaawwwwwdddd!  Joinin’ togetha’ brothas’ and sistas’ (ha ha ha welll now!)

     Its gonna be great!  But I think i’ll just keep my baptist and pentecostal preaching voice to my self.  Please pray for me that I will find grace and favor on  my flight and throughout the entire trip.   In case your’e interested and did not know and wanted to know the Wedding will be with Brandon and his fiance’ Elizabeth and another wedding going on the same day will be a dearly loved sister Janel Quintana and Jeffrey.  I wanted to go to both of the weddings but it turned out that they were both on the same day but in two different states (aggghhhh!) 

N -E – Wayz this is to ask that you keep them in your prayers.  Even if you dont know them in the flesh you do in the Spirit if you belong to Jesus.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.”–Eph 5:18 

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  1. DyingEast

    good times brother. I do pray grace and favor for you on your travels to Washington and Back. May you have oppotunity to witness for Christ to the person next to you on your flights.


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