Got My acceptance E – Mail from TBI!!!

Here are the letter’s opening lines:

“First off– a huge WELCOME to those of you who’ve been recently
accepted to
T.B.I. this fall! If this is the first email you’ve recieved from us,
means Y-O-U! It’s your birthday! Welcome to the family! Your official
of acceptance and all other needed info is on it’s way to you via U.S.


Woooo Hooooo!!!!   Praise God!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I just kind of randomly strolled into your site via another person’s site. I just wanted to congratulate you on getting accepted to TBI, my good friend Kaleb went there and went to LTC too, as did my friends Karissa and Kim (who should be there this year too)! I was going to go there until I heard about CIU (wonderfully great school – if you can afford it at least – money has always been an issue with going to CIU for me). Anyways, I just wanted to say “Praise God” and congratulations on your acceptance to TBI – it’s a great place – I used to there every summer with my youth group to go to camp – Discovery Camp – some of the most awesome God-filled experiences I have ever encountered…

    Sorry for rambling on like this, you don’t even know me, but Congratulations anyways!!

    God Bless,


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