So this morning the Lord really blessed my heart while reading His word.  Here are some of the things He taught me: 

 As i awoke and wrestled my lazy body out of the bed it was still dark.  So i turned on my light and put on a hillsong CD.  I began to read in the word a bit then had to use the restroom. After coming back I sat down read the word a bit more, prayed in tongues some and sang a little, yawned a bit.  Then the Lord brought my striving to attantion.  “Just be the child I’ve made you to be.”  Seemed to be the message He was speaking to my heart.  So i began to wait on the Lord to speak when after a couple of seconds my thoughts turn toward  thinking, “a child…oh maybe i should read the chapter in Joyce Meyer’s book about keeping the inner child…” when this was just more striving (i don’t understand the patience and love of God).  Finally, as I was reading the Lord spoke to me.  But not through the book nor  from my efforts but about His Love.

It was awesome!

Right now I wish I could write down what He spoke but my time is running out here at the Library.  So stay tuned next time and I will tell you everything…. 


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