As I sat in my room the night before last thinking about things God had previously put in my heart that seemed to be dead and semmingly not going to be fulfilled the Lord simply spoke to my heart , “I’ts coming!”  At this simple word I rejoiced exceedingly.   There is a growing expectancy within me.  To be honest, it has been to me almost as if my expectany for God to do amazing things in my life had almost died.  Lord, thank You for causing me to hope.  I am so grateful for His love. 

     Even as I type this God is truly ministering to me through this song by Jason Upton because this is how my life has been, these are the things I’ve been struggling with.  My calling,….and not doing it in my own strength.  For so long people have asked me, “What are you waiting for? When you Gonna move?”  Oh, but to wait upon the wind of the Spirit.

     God brings fulfillment in His own time.  And when that time comes it’s perfect.  When that time comes provision is made.   There is no striving for what you think you need to be doing but all of heaven and earth and even the whole of the cosmos is prepared for the person in the will of the Father.  God is working all things together for that person.  Praise God!

     Please pray for me as the Lord prepares me for an incredible 9 months at Texas Bible Institute where I know I will be moved and stretched to the max.

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  1. crystallott

    You completely echoed the exact thing I’ve been dealing with.  God is faithful, even when we are impatient. 

    And by the way, who are you?  Intern graduate?


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