In the past couple of days there have been many interesting developments in my life.  It has been like one big event after another. But God is faithful.

     First of all. I have been recently praying about a bible school I may be attending, if it be the Lord’s will, in september. On wednesday I was talking to the Pastor of the church I’ve been attending and was telling him about the Bible institute. As I was talking to him this conversation kind of turned into a meeting with the pastor the associate pastor’s and the head deacon of the church. Alot of things were talked about but some of the main points of the meeting and the questions i distinctly remember were:

“Verious what are your ambitions and aspirations in life, what do you want to do with your life?”

To that I answered what God has put in my heart:

 “I want to preach.”

The conversation continued with a statement from the pastor:

“I’ts one thing to want to preach but another to be called to preach.”

To this I remarked:

“I am called to preach.”

     We spoke of many things in this conversation and I am sure that they were all well intentioned in the advice that they gave me, which were along the lines of me getting a good trade and finding a wife and “getting my roots planted”.  And I’m not the one to spurn counsel and  walk in rebellion but I cannot deny the thing that God has put in my heart either. I would rather obey God than man.

     Now after this meeting I was somewhat beginning to think, “O.k. maybe I was not called to preach but my heart was not saying the same thing.”  In my heart the desire remained. So I called my pastor from the men’s bible study I’ve been attending for the past eight or so months and asked him, “Is it possible for me to have a desire to preach but not be called?”

To this he answered, “probable but highly unlikely.”

And then took me through the scriptures showing me how this could be.

Even greater than that though was the way God confirmed this the next day.

     I was sitting in the park in my town reading the book I’ve been reading lately when two boys, James (17) and Chris (13), came up on a four wheeler and began talking to me.  As we talked I felt the Lord’s leading to tell them about Him. So as God opened the door I began to tell them. The Lord led me to Psalm 27:9 and I began to tell them about His fatherly love. Even as we talked I could feel the anointing of His presence. when we finished talking I prayed for them, gave them my cell phone number and went home.

     When I got home got a call on my cell phone. It was James! He and his friend had called me back and said,”We were thinking about the words you were speaking and they were powerful (when they weren’t my words at all or anything about me but God’s presence).  And we just want to know how we can get to know this Man (the way they said it) you call God.”

     As soon as I got this call I was shouting for joy and praising God. I went immediately to meet them.  When I got there they had even brought a friend and I got to lead all three of them to Christ. Hallelujah!!!! God is faithful.

     Furthermore I was awakened this morning with a call from a close friend of mine and he told me that if I decided that TBI was the school God was leading me to that I did not have to worry about tuition because he was going to pay my entire tuition for me. Hallelujah!!!  GOD IS FAITHFUL!