“I have no home, until I am in the realized presence of God. This holy presence is my inward home, and, until I experience it, I am a homeless wonderer, a straying sheep in waste howling wilderness.” ~ Anonymous



 Let me Drink Thy Cup
     Prune my withered branch; 
       Dung my fruitless tree; 
     Spring up my dried out well,
       O Christ of Calvary.
     Touch my dimming eyes; 
       Oil my stammering tongue; 
     Complete, dear Lord, in me
       What Thou hast scarce begun. 
     Power me for the load;
       Wean me for Thy will; 
     Love me with Thy rod,
       And more I’ll love Thee still. 
     Of Thy suffering, Lord,
       I pray, “fill me up,” 
     That I may follow Thee. 
       O let me drink Thy cup!

~Leonard Ravenhill “Excerpt from Heart Breathings”



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