This is cool. What does this video have to do with a believer?

Can anyone tell me?


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  1. vanilla1130

    i really like the idea of this. i hope you don’t mind i used the same title and put it on my battle cry. thanks for the inspiration! oh and to answer your question, i think that its like, if we just trust god then we will discover a whole new world. much better than we thought it was! and next thing you know she’s saying “let me share a whole new world with you, every moment gets better.” if we all had this idea Christianity would spread a lot faster. =D

  2. SonDancer

    I agree with vanilla1130… That if we just trust God, He will show us a whole new world and every moment with the Father brings us closer to Him… The more time we spend with Him, we learn to see the world through His eyes.


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