Isn’t this the way our hearts should be with Jesus?

What is your heart grip of God?

Why is it so hard to hold on?


Even when our grip sometimes slips, is it not true that we find ourselves being gripped tighter by Everlasting Arms?

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  1. Anonymous

    hey homie good lookin out wit yo praya’s bruh!!
    iam not even feelin why God is sooo good to me cause things aint lookin good in my life on my relationship wit Christ! you feel me? hey homie its soo good to hear from you,,and i wanted to ask you bout what you thought about my site,, you know pics of PAC and BTNH bumpin in the background… aight then pimpjuice holla back mein’
    yo praya folkz meez

  2. Anonymous

    oh and i also wanted to let you know that no one can read your site cause the letter are so small that there crammed together making it impossible to please change that cause you have valuable insight that people need to read

  3. passion4piano

    i can read it just fine. dont listen to manny. jk i dont even know you and im just blabbing. thanks for that cuz sometimes i feel like my grip slips but his love just goes deeper.


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