Been observing creation lately.  The way the birds fly, the stars in the night, the shape and form of the clouds in the sky, towering trees. The beauty in creation evokes wonder.  I’ve often said to myself in the past couple of days while observing this, “I’m convinced God is a romantic.”

      Healing comes when we behold beauty.  My heart has continually tried to make the ascent into the beauty realm but it seems that each time I catch glimpse my grip of beauty slips fast.  It seems that when I am there I am continually conscience of His loving presence.  We could all use more beauty.

Lord,I praise You for the beauty and love with which you have surrounded us daily. All beauty comes from Your hand Lord. Please help me to be ever aware and captivated by Your beauty.  Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things and revive me in Your way.  In Your name. AMEN.

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  1. DyingEast

    Sup dude. How’s it going? Are you in Houston? How’s life?

  2. theresgottobemore

    my heart is torn and bleeding right now, your prophetic words offer hope as if From God himself.  will i last another day? i dont want to be a hopeless mess, i want to fight, and take ground….


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