I read this poem in the forum at Jason Upton’s website under the topic “brokenness”. It identify with it.


In my brokeness I was wholly surrounded by you
In my weakness I felt your strength embrace me
When I wept I felt you wipe away my tears
I cried out to you in pain, your voice comforted me
In my anger I shut you out but your love broke through again
I’m nothing but you are everything and more
I was eaten away by bitterness, but your fire of forgiveness consumed me, burning, burning, purging, purifying
If I take a step will you stand with me, if I faint will you hold me up
Do you know my name? Do you hear me? Because I think I hear you whispering to me to come and fall at your feet in surrender – so here I am…I come now to you and say Abba Father…Abba Father Daddy God…take this child and make me what you will
I’m not strong, I’m not powerful
All my gifts are like broken toys that lie in the dust…but I offer them up to you anyway like wilted flowers picked too long ago
I can’t be clever with you God you know my foolishness too well
There’s no smart answer I can give you to explain my wandering or my running away – but I offer you my heart right now
If the tears should stop, keep me broken God so that I don’t stray from you…keep me close to you God. Hear my prayer God…Answer me even though I’m deaf – write it on my heart.
I love you

Still flaberghasted by His love,