Two things pierce the heart, one is beauty the other pain.

Why in life when things go bitter it is God whom we disdain.

Cant we see the rays of glory, love, compassion in His face.

When our hardened heart is wounded yet he reaches out in grace.

Life goes awry, hearts get wounded, yet our Savior calls us still.

From the right hand of the Father hear Him make this one appeal:

See My hands and feel my side, know that a ghost does not have flesh.

I took this on for you forever so that you could see MY face.

My love for you, it knows no ends, it pains Me just to see you lost.

Your life, My passionate desire, one thing that drove me to the cross.

Stretch out your faith and I will heal you, open the door and I’ll come in.

Only believe and see the glory that I always did intend.


God gave this to me within the struggles I’ve just been through.  Be encouraged.


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