“Now, as all things have an end, and those two issues, death and life, are set before us at one and the same time, so each man is bound to go to his own place. It is the same as with two coinages, the one of God, the other of the world; and each of them has its own stamp impressed upon it: the unbelievers bear the stamp of this world, while the believers, animated by love, bear the stamp of God the Father through Jesus Christ, whose life is not in us unless we are ready of our own accord to die in order to share in His Passion.” –Ignatius of Antioch to the Magnesians 

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  1. skidootles

    got your post. contrasting colors? i was tired of black and wanted something bright.

    what do you mean you feel lonely in a crowd?

  2. AngelxOfxSong

    with everything ….. that has happened in the last couple of months …. i have found my self  praying more an more ….. but all i am lead  to is  that  my husban an i aint makin it

    we fight way to much to be  inlove and  he an i both say the worst things you could think of i dont think it to be fair to be  in a relation ship under god if all we do is hate oneanothr

    we have seperated and  we havnt filed for a divorce *YET* but  we are gonna see how things go  cause i am wayto stressed to handle all of this

    sincerly nyah


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