There has got to be better things that i can do on my off days than sitting at the Library hours on end.  Today I went to court because I got a ticket on new years eve for running a red light and no insurance. bummer.  Now I have to pay 235.00 in court fees and take defensive driving.  Then I have another court date on Aug. 15.  I guess it’s just a follow – up.  If that’s says anything to me it says that God’s providence has brought me to a place where I will not be going anywhere for quite a while.  Nevertheless, God is faithful. 

Hebrews 12:11 (amp)

For the time being no discipline brings joy, but seems grievous and painful; but afterwards it yields a peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it [a harvest of fruit which consists in righteousness–in conformity to God’s will in purpose, thought, and action, resulting in right living and right standing with God].

     On another note I have recently found myself in a position where I will be able to minister to the youth of my church and praise God I am excited.  We never once before had a youth group at our church and for a long time the youth were without ministry whatsoever.  However, rcently there has been alot of shaking at our church (check out Friday, August 29, 2003 weblog) and we now have a new senior pastor.  Now for the first time ever we have a youth pastor and youth group and our youth pastor wants me to speak to the young men next wednesday. One reason I am so excited is because, on Nov. 17, 2001 during the fasting retreat at Teen Mania God spoke to me and told me I would be going back to my home church to help minister to the youth but I just couldn’t see how this would happen  seeing we had no type of youth group or youth ministry at my church and I also could not see how I would get past the iron grip of my former pastor to even try to minister to the youth. 

     Through out the two years after my graduating from the Honor Academy  I tried several things: first I tried running by searching for other churches to attend, that left me unfulfilled.  Next I tried to come back to my church (I am not infering that in the Body of Christ one congregation differs from another but, that if God calls you to do something nothing will fulfill except His will)  and take matters of youth ministry into my own hands.  I did this by writing out a three page declaration on what the youth group would be and what it would be about. When I handed it to my former senior pastor I got a forceful rebuke which simmered my excitement, made me shut my mouth and brought a tear to my eye.  Yet the whole while I was completely unaware of the ways of God.  So I just began to wait.  But after a little while got tired of waiting and began to run again.  This time using my Job as an excuse for not gathering with the saints.  Till finally after about four or five months of not being in my church I hear words about people coming to Christ people recommiting their lives, and a search for youth counselors.  When I heard this my heart leaped within and I made it my purpose to be at the church on wednesday nights.  Now, when I got there  the first Wed. night I got to meet the Youth pastor and was at first disheartened.  I guess, (and this is stupid) I was hoping that I would somehow be the youth pastor  (HA HA HA!!!). But God never told me that I would be the youth pastor at my church but that I would help minister to the youth and there is a big difference in that.  Either way it goes I am very excited about it all. Please pray for me. 

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  1. skidootles

    Hey Verious! I’m preaching. Yes. It was like the anointing of the Holy Ghost came upon me and I was flowing. When you are soaked in the presence of God, it shows. I am attending Bible school still and that’s where I spoke…as part of the ciriculum! It was something that was always there, but I thank God for the opportunity to do that. God is soo amazing. God bless you V. I pray will direct you.

    I’m in my last year here at ALSOM. and next year I may do the 5-fold worship leader track. Wherever God leads, that’s how it should be. I pray the anointing of Jesus over you. Continue to walk in His ways. He will supply everything you have need of. It is great to be planted with Christ and grow with Him! Praise God!

  2. AngelxOfxSong

    who is it that …. that is talking on your site i would like to have the music i love it ,…. i am sorry if i came and wrote to you and made you uneasy just i dont know what to do ……huggles pls come and sign my guestbook

  3. AngelxOfxSong

    i just thought i would tell you my email address it is [email protected] my other hasnt been working so if you would email me there i would be most thankful ….
    God Bless you and yours throught this weekend

  4. smokestackwilson

    Hey V, thanks for the comment..keep in touch and stay on FIIEEEEEAHH



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