In the past 2 days I have traveled over one thousand nine hundred and forty – eight miles and slept the equivalent of about three and a half hours.  The trip to Kentucky was great.  Definately a unique and awesome time of fellowship with friends.  Even though it seemed like we didn’t even have enough time to breathe we did manage to get some good fellowship.

     I was glad to to see Wes, Shane (Wes’ brother), Jeremiah Davis, and Brett Lewis.  I also had some great and refreshing fellowship with my brother Randy 10 hrs to and back from Kentucky.  I love that guy so much.  I also had a couple of out of the usual and unexpected experiences.  Of which I do not prefer to talk about.  Overall, I enjoyed the sweet Spirit which endowed the covenant community of  Wes’ church.

      And where I am at on my decision on attending New Geneva School of Divinity is as of now somewhat shaky.  I’ve told some that i would most likely not come but to be honest with myself, I don’t know.   I just need to follow the leading of Christ in what i do because i am blind as of right now as to what I should do.  I know He’ll show me.

     N-E wayz I have got to go to bed I still haven’t had any sleep.




“My black houseshoes match my black bible, I lace the tracks to bring back revival.”–Jimmy Barker (aka Praya P)