Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated this page but lately life has been crazy.  Today I have jury duty and I’m kind of hoping I won’t get selected for a case b/c then I can go back to work.  Work is work, I’ve got bills and I’ve got to “grow UP”.

     I talked to Randy Olsson last night and we talked about the “buzz” of  New Geneva a school started by the church that Ky_Wes goes to.  It’s seems really appealling.  I am seriously considering attending it.  So as we conversed we finally came to the conclusion that maybe we should go out together and visit it.  So if the Lord says the same we may be giving ol’ Wessy a surprise visit this weekend.  HA ha! other than that Iv’e just been chillin’.

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  1. golf_goofy

    good to see that things are going well

  2. johannavedros

    how exciting about new geneva!! from all that i’ve heard, it’s a wonderful school… and you and randy… back together again… would be wondrous. =)

    good to “hear from you,” v


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