Praise God for His Wonderous mercy.  His Love is abundant and endures forever.  He never forgets, ignores, or casts off those who seek His face.

Today church was awesome.  I can practiclly see the Lord’s Spirit changing that church.  I know He is.  You see, the church I attend is the same little baptist church I have atttended all of my life.  After I got out of the Honor Academy I did not go there at all and made excuses that “I dont like it because they don’t have congregational worship and I don’t think i would be able to grow there.”  I  was running from it and God’s calling on my life.  So after a phone conversation with one of my friends from the Honor Academy (Jimmy Martell) I began to have total second thoughts.  I learned that the very excuses I had been using were the ones that kept me from growing because I had been acting evil and disobedient to God.  So after repenting I wrote a letter to my pastor at the baptist church and began attending it again.  And for the last five Sundays the worship has been amazing and God has just been touching all of our hearts.  Praise God! I know God has purposes for me there, and hearts He wants to touch through me but I must prove myself faithful first.

  I believe that in this part of my life I am going through “the wilderness”.  There have been situations and people by which I have been tested.  But I trust that the Lord will keep me through the entirety of it. He really does give, “waters in the wilderness and streams in the desert.”  Praise His Holy name forever.

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  1. Lindzmae

    Hello Verious!  I don’t think we ever “offically” got to know each other at the HA, but I was in your class.
    Anyhow, this weekend I just joined this xanga thing and I’ve been looking at people’s sites from the HA blog.  I am blessed by the things you have to share.  I can totally relate to you about the church situation.  It is great to hear that you have pushed aside your pride and allowed God to show you your purpose at this church.  I am certain that they are blessed simply by your presence and love for the Lord.  God can do more through you than you know…its just a matter of being there so other’s can see the power of your love relationship with Him, amen!?  God called me back to my little ‘ole Methodist church when I got home too.  It has been amazing!  The Lord has given me opportunities to preach and even lay hands on people that are sick!  (ha, who would of thought in the Methodist church?!)  My church also just helped me finish raising ALL my money for my mission trip this summer!  Amazing!  God has a purpose for his precious sheep in these congregations and as long as people like you and I (who are a part of that purpose) keep surrendering and allowing him to use us, we will see that purpose accomplished!  Be encouraged, and keep letting your light shine!
    Blessings to you brother.
    Lindsay Harris


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