So here I am sitting at the computer once again.  Lately my life has been very restless.  Im not sure just where my life is going.  I am so grateful for God’s wonderous mercy, grace and love and I dont want it to seem as if  i’m not thankful.  But when I look into myself i dont sense the same joy and peace that I used to experience.  I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the, “cares of this life” and can’t seem to find the face of the Father.  Various trials have come and I’ve failed miserably.

Father, I come to you now and ask you to heal my discouraged and shamed heart. Wash me purer than the newly driven snow and set me back in the center of your peace. I know there is freedom in You Jesus so take me captive by Your love again.  Beak the hold that the Lusts of this world have on my heart and soul that I may truly serve you. I need you so much. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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