ok so here i am on sunday morning typing a weblog hopefully this one does not get lost like the other two I tried to post.   I tried to post, I think, last friday and lost 2 really long posts, so I just got frustrated and had to leave the computer alone.  Oh well, now Im back.  The new picture is one of me and my friends from the Honor Academy while we making the hillarious homade movie Superman vs Foul Thug J. from the left is: Foul Thug J (Justin Grutzius), Super Spider (Superman’s sidekick other known as Chad N. or Gonzo) and finally Superman (Me). Today I’m going to be rappin at my aunt’s church.  all I want to do is lift up Jesus so if you read this post before 3pm please pray for me.  Last week sometime I ordered 2 jason upton cd’s offline and have been anticipating their arrival the two cd’s I ordered were Dying Star  and Key of David  this is truly annointed worship so if you have never heard of jason upton I suggest that you check out his website at www.jasonupton.com you will truly be blessed by this music. Other than that I dont have much to say.  I’ll try to be more detailed as to what is happening in my life on the next post but right now I’ve got to go to church. Be blessed. G2G


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