So here i am once again on my xanga.  I am very tired because lately I have been working.  Hallelujah!  But the work has not been with my grandparents.  Ive been working with my cousins and actually getting some income.  Praise the Lord.  I get paid 7.00 an hour.  I have just been filling in where they need help so it is not a permanent job.  But it’s income and I’m thankful.  I know that I haven’t written here in a while but to give you an update on my life here some things that have been going on:

  • mon. 18 – was my sis’ 21st b – day, I worked my first day w/ cousins in the warehouse.
  • tues. 19th – Went to friend’s house (Adam) and had an awesome time of prayer and worship.
  • tues. 19th – Also recorded “Not Alone”, an awesome song the Lord gave me. I’ll try to get the song here on this site so you guys can hear it and tell me what you think!
  • wed. 20th – was my mom’s 45th b – day, but I did not get to wish her a happy b – day because she was not at home.  Did not get to go to youth group. stayed at home.
  • thurs. 21st –  second day in the warehouse working w/ cousin, updating xanga.

 So there you have it folks! a quick review of whats been going on in my life.

Continuing to Seek Him,

( Proverbs 24:16 <<<——–look it up! )


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  1. SonDancer

    Thanks for the verse!


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