Worked at the house again today.  We should be finished soon.  Hallelujah!  Got a chatterbox on my site today.  Make sure to post something there guys.  Here is a bit more poetry for you all.  Inspired by different situations, all of which brought death to (self – life).

  Ha!  Oh slanderer, you act as if I care when you revile me, reproach me and slander me without care.  Yet you do not perceive,  that the less there’s of me the more of His image I bear.  So go ahead and rail, bring vicious contempt and so bring me down to my knees.  Cause then it is there, that great power I bear and so my Creator I please.

So other than that the Lord has totally been speaking to me through these poems.  He has been totally overflowing my heart with poems and praises which has also blessed me.

Thanks LORD.


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