In timespast I have some how tried to walk in the light of revelation in other peoples life.  But I have come to the realization that I can never walk in the same light of revelation, same anointing, same level of fellowship with the Lord as another person.  But the Lord has something made specifically for me at this point and time.  By saying I’ll never walk in these things I dont think I mean that I may never walk in the same level as a great evangelist or a friend whose relationship with God I admire, but I mean that at the current point and time the Lord will most likely have a different thing for me.  Or at that point and time I may be in a different level of fellowship with God.  The point that I’m trying to make is that because of pride, I’ve attempted to be someone I’m not when God just wants me to be me and love Him.  But I have never seemed to be able to get this through my thick skull.


I pray that you would teach and help me to just be me and not put up a front for anyone.  Show me who I am in you.  Help me to put aside the fronts and facades and just love You.  Simplicity of devotion to You is what I ask for in Your name Jesus.



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