Another hard day of work on the renthouses.  I have not written here in a couple of days.  But for an update on my life I can say that nothing too big has happened.  I’ve been on an emotional low and have not been feeling real victorious as a christian.  But even as I type I’m reminded of the fact that the Word of God says that we are more than conquerers through Christ, victors, overcomers, new creatures and alot more in His name.  So i choose to believe what the word says and not go on my emotions.  Other than that,  my mom just unveiled to me the fact that she plans to move to an apartment close to her new job for about six months and asked me to move with her.  This is a decision that I am still praying about.  If so,  alot of things in my life may change, for bad or good I’m not sure.  N – E – Wayz, please be praying for me.  -verious-

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I am the Creative Director of Philoveracity Design . I live in Corona, CA. The current focus of my career is to continue to build important new business relationships while nurturing current connections by properly stewarding the time & talents that God has given me.

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