Wow Lord! Your Love never ceases to amaze me.  Even when I am unbelieving and rebellious you continue to love me and woo me with Your love.  I pray that you would help me to come to the conclusion that Your will is always best because You are Love and you would never do a thing to bring endangerment to me.  I pray you would teach me to trust You with everything and not to be afraid or unwilling to completely surrender my will to yours.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Today I went with my grandparents to help them work on their rent houses.  We painted and I made a mess of the paint. It got all over me! After which we came home and ate gumbo. Mmm Mmm, it was really good. My sister just got out of the hospital 2 days ago, she is a diabetic and went into ketoacidosis (nearly a diabetic comma which is hard to get out of) please be praying for her. I dont have much to say but goodnight.

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