2:20 Life

2:20 Life

(Inspired by Galatians 2:20)
I have lost myself in Him
in His righteousness within
No it’s not’s from me
That I’ve been set free
But it’s Christ who took my sin
Why do you look so much on me
Look upon the Christ my King
Of Righteousness i boast
But I’m just the Host
Yet it’s Christ who lives in me
Some may think I’m arrogant
In boldness I make my rant
Don’t behold my face cause it’s by His Grace
And I’ll never say i can’t
He sustains me with His life
Yes He made the sacrifice.
So daily In Him
Through His Blood I’m cleansed
And His Life is now my Life
No, it was not by choice but because I heard His Voice
He told me I died, in Him crucified so i look back and rejoice
Yes my past is in His blood, So defiled and thick as mud
Now so crystal clear that I have no fear
And I know I’m in my God

© Verious Smith III 2013

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  1. Joseph W.

    Awesome! Love this!!


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