I passed the day today cleaning my room and gave my dog some leftovers out of my refrigerator, he went wonkers.  It has been a good day.  Takin’ it day by day is a thing I must learn.  I know the Lord is teaching me.

Sometimes it seems almost as if my heart wants to reach far into the future.  The possibilities, dreams, hopes, desires.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick…


…when the desire is fulfilled it is a tree of life.


Sometimes it seems as if the desires that the Father has put in our hearts seem so far away.  And folly in our own life seems to put them off further.  There is a need for continual brokenness.  I guess the key to being broken is not so much being but staying. Staying in the place of brokenness is definitely harder but God alone is faithful and will bring it about.  What really matters is the will of God.

Well, tonight is bible study so i must go.

Please pray for me.


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