Hola’  everybody,

It seems to me like I’ve been flying through life with millions of things buzzing and time slipping ever so slowly away.  I am grateful for the things that the Lord is doing in my life.  He is always there and so faithful.  If anyone of you likes to lift up the hands of the weak do so for me as I do need Your prayers in this busy, busy season of life.  I think of a quote i once heard in the past by Corrie Ten Boom as i look at the past couple of weeks of life and i am reminded that amidst all the business of life we must definitely keep Jesus as the forefront of all we are and do.  The quote goes as follows:  “Beware of the barreness of a busy life!”

How true this can be of any of us but i am grateful to God that when things get to spinning He comes and woos us and renews the hunger in us for him again.  That very hunger has been on the rise in my heart.  This is just a short update for all of my brothers and sisters in Him.  I pray that you are found today encouraged and coming to hunger for more of Him .

God bless,




Prayerfully I’ll have more of an opportunity to fill you all in on details later.


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  1. Atheist_Quotes

    why waste your time praying when you can be living?


  2. prov314life

    Mr. Smith…Just wanted to stop and say hello. How are you?
    Janeka Rahming


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