To my brothers and sisters in Jesus,

Thank you all for continuing to pray as it is most needed in these moments. There have been many things that God has brought to light now.

I know I posted previously that the sheriff’s dept had called off the search, but now I want to apologize for posting that because it was an untrue statement that I heard from a person I considered to be a reliable source at that time. I actually went with the sheriff’s dept. that wednesday and made a statement on the case. They themselves told me that it was only a rumor that the case had been closed.

On Thursday, the Equisearch team discovered my neice’s body in the Brazos river near my house. They told the channel 11 news crews that her body just popped out of the water and bobbed up and down on the surface. They were not totally sure at the time if it was her body or not but judging by the size of the body, clothing and jewelry they were pretty sure that there were high chances it was her. On friday the autopsy results came in and it was indeed my neice. She was brutally beaten and murdered. Please pray. I’m, not sure how much information I am to allowed to disclose so I will be careful in what I write.

Some other things that have happened is that I had to testify as to what was confessed to me my freshman summer about a murder connected with one of my close family members. I carried for so long the weight of just having the knowledge of such a thing on my mind but God is bringing many things to light now. Please pray for me and my family. There have been so many strongholds that the enemy has had over my family for so long but now I can see God is using this to bring an end to them. I have experienced many things these past couple of days for the sake of that testimony including lots of fear, intimidation and scare tactics by the enemy. Please pray that I’d stand with boldness in God’s authority and not compromise truth. And that I’d desire to serve and love God truly more than my own life. I need you brothers and sisters.

Please pray also for God’s divine intervention and hand of protection over my life as the enemy does not like what is happening. The primary thing I want to do is agree with God every step the way and not compromise. I believe that these are very critical moments.

God did say that there would be some serious shaking coming. Please pray for the many hearts and lives that have been affected by such a grievous thing as what has transpired. Please pray for the comfort of hurt, the conviction of sin and the salvation of those who have been touched by this. I thank all of you in advance for your concern, prayers and firm faith throughout this situation.



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  1. Lindzmae

    I am so sorry my friend.  I have no words.  My prayers continue to be with you and your family. 

  2. theeDtrain

    you’re a strong man various. you are a pillar in your family. continue to be real and who you are as i know you will. and know my prayers are with you and your family.

    i LOVE you various,


  3. Anonymous

    i admire you for your backbone..
    and am at a  complete lost for words….
    i hope to hear from you soon friend.

  4. Ky_Wes

    hey brother, me and jeremiah are reading this together, we are very sorry and will be in prayer for you, love you man.

    wes and jeremiah


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