“If sinners be dammed, at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. If they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees. Let no one GO there UNWARNED and UNPRAYED for.”–C.H. Spurgeon

Nuff said.

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  1. chosenuntildeath

    that is a grand quote… hard hittin fo sho… hope all is well with you homie!

  2. tHiS_i_KnOw

    hey i wont be there- i have to work. beth andersen will be though and i’m prety sure Ava and Lisa and Marie always seems to come

  3. Anonymous

    wussup verious?

      its good to hear from you man…
     iam glad your doing well bro…
    holla back pimpin’

      much love man

  4. nogreatername

    Great quote,

    Hey man, it was great to see you at Alumni Weekend. Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

    Aaron May

  5. Anonymous

    resurrected his heavenly callin in mortal bodies manifested
    been gifted and called …..

    “all eyes on christ who picks me up and wont let go like a vice
    better than mexican food cause he brings straight more than
    a spice, than jalapenos, this one goes out to the brown  side
    surenos nortenos blazin them lenos………. hahah man you
    was up at tha alumni reunion? man i so wanted to be there..
    man verious its been almost 4YEARS!! since we met up bro!
    i miss that big smile… ! 


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