don’t have to try to be somebody, to be somebody, when i’m somebody to be.

for His love to spread, oh, the  blood He shed, is the thing that makes me, me 

don’t need no fancy quotes, or crafty jokes, for this world to recognize me

for His eyes look down, to behold this small one, who’s loved and dearly prized

‘d rather hide in Him, and be His prized gem, then for all the world to applaud me

then in truth to know  ’tis not only a show and my God to be my reward. 

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  1. ShyN

    I tried that Spiderman thing… Apparently the suction cups were’nt as powerful as I thought… Rather scary, and I probably shouldn’t talk about it anymore. At least thats what my lawyers are telling me.

    I love reading your site V. I don’t comment often, but you are an inspiration bro.

  2. blaze_heb1229

    Good stuff, V!  Are you going to be here in a couple weeks???

  3. Anonymous

    you LYIN’!  this ain’t v. this ain’t the same v that i know through my boy curt? is it?  you LYIN’!

    at his wedding we were driving and talking about you and sayin’ how we both wished that you could have been there.

    i hope that everything is goin’ well for you.  thanks for the love on my site.

  4. faithn

    It’s the best Batman movie!  Puts the others to shame.  You should check it out!


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