My heart longs for more.  I am gateful for the things that God has done and they’ve  been wonderful but there’s got to be more.  I long for fullness.  All of these years i feel as if I’ve been wondering around and also groping for God in the midst of a dark land.  I am aware of how often my heart loves to persue it’s own comfort and pleasure rather than glorify the One Who is worthy of all Honor and praise but when I’m surrounded by those who are spiritually dead and on their way to an eternity seperated from their creator I know I can’t afford that type of lifestyle.

     There  have been many instances in the past weeks  in which the Lord has been impelling me to go deeper with Him.  First there has been those with whom I wrok.  They see me everyday and i know they watch me with a close eye.   One is a forthright and blatantly bold atheist. He makes it very clear most the times that he does not believe or want any of God but God has really been working on his heart and i can visibly see the results of the conversations we often have. Most times after the conversations he becomes very subdued in his appearance and i know the wheels in his head are turning.  There is another who knows the scripture and yet in a perverted and twisted way so as to his own destruction.  Please pray for him.   His name is Tyrone.  Now we wcome to the 2 other proffessing christians whom i have been praying for.  One of them is a manager and the other is an a sales associate.  Please pray that I would have wisdom in exhortation and encouragment towards them both.  I tread softly when i come to talk of other saints shortcomings knowing how wretched i myself for so long had been, but God has freed me!  However there has been great occassion  for the adversary to speak reproachfully of the name of Christ because of some of the very actions of these beloved two people.  Oh, saints pray!

     Today three trans-vestites walked in the store and my heart broke.  As soon as  is saw them I began to pray.  And the Lord said to me, “they have no one to pray for them.”  But He sent them my way that I would.  And I will pray for them.  May I burn out for Jesus!  I know I need him  and even more so does this sin cursed world.  Let us burn for Him brightly in these days of darkness.  Pray hard and go out into the harvest with Him.  He’s coming soon! Amen.  Even so come Lord Jesus!