My heart is full today.  Please forgive the long  post.  I am very fond of brevity but if you  will bear with the post you will be encouraged.


     My heart is and shall never be unburdened until i can love perfectly as Christ loved.  What is one to do when his very own family stands opposed to the way of righteousness.  I tell you it may be a learned habit but as sure as it was learned it can be unlearned not only unlearned but demolished “for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God…for the demolishing of strongholds.”-II Cor. !0:5

     Yet in the midst of opposition I do see the victory of the Lord.   When I graduated from TBI I went through a period of time where there was great confusion, uncertainty and personal despair and failures.  In the midst of it all the Lord’s gracious hand kept me.  I often found myself unable to pray with the adequate words or strenght of heart to satisfy what God had put in my heart  for my family.  When suddenly the Lord began to give me a prayer. I would simply pray and ask the Lord to break the arm of the enemy.  And  that is what He’s done.  It wasn’t long after I had been offering those prayers that my mom’s boyfriend got arrested.  In the time that He was in jail the Lord began to really work on my mom’s heart and drawing her into fellowship with Him.  This was around the end of the month of May (the month I came home from TBI).

     While my mom’s boyfriend was in jail.  God was working on his heart and when he got out of jail just recently (like 2-weeks ago), he was not the same man i remembered.  It was a blessing I was not necessarily ready for or expecting but i recieved it gladly.   The man I now saw was a broken man.  A new man.  The old man was gone.  How dramatic are the changes that come with new life!  How forceful are the manifestations of his grace operating in our hearts. Blessed be His name.

     Now he and my mom have been working towards the goal of marraige in the month of December.  Please pray as God continues to operate in every area of both of their lives.  Never give up saints.  Believe God and He will come through no matter how long it may seem to take. 


Fools Turn To Gold  (2nd verse & chorus)

Now I’m moving slower and it takes a little longer
But I’m healing deeper and I’m feeling stronger
It’s tearing down defenses and opening my senses
To the wonder of a lover crying out

Come now let’s reason together
Come now where blood turns to wool
Come now where fire is the measure
Come now where fools turn to gold

© 2004 Jason Upton & Key of David Ministries. All rights reserved


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  1. hpuSASSY

    I miss you alot brother~! hope you are doing well!!


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