A Generous Life


What Matters

Very few things in life really matter.  Though daily we are bombarded by a million voices when we get right down to bottom of everything much of what we invest time into outside of other people and causes worth dying for are wastes.   We only have ONE life, how are we spending it?   I am reminded of a quote by a minister, “Are the things that I’m living for worth Christ’s dying for?”

Learning to Love

Learning to love and love well in this life is the highest pursuit we will ever engage in.   If i have not love i am nothing.   Being generous is a huge part of loving well.  Allowing myself to be loved is the prerequisite.   God sends His love to me in many ways,  the question is, “will i receive it?”  Will i receive the Love of the Father unconditionally?  Without Question?
In the final analysis the one question that will matter the most is:  “Did I learn to Love?”


Receiving Love

We will not recognize unconditional love if we cannot receive love without condition.  Though the one who seeks to show us love has a bleeding heart.  The only thing the person wants is relationship with you and to love you without strings attached,  the heart with the inability to receive without condition will  ask, “So… what’s the catch?  What must i do?”   That heart will always question the actions of others and hold their motives in contempt.  The thought that one must perform something in order to receive love is contrary to the order of nature. Before the ground can bring forth fruit or vegetation, it must first receive the seed, rain & sun.  The ground cannot bring forth fruit or vegetation without first receiving.  And so it is with our hearts – we must receive the love of the Father in order to be loving and generous to others.
We love because He first loved us.

Expressing Love

We can look around us daily with gratitude for all that the Father has given.  Life, breath, family, business and a multitude of other privileges that if we were to go through them one by one would blow our mind.   Yet we can get caught in patterns of ingratitude and weakness that cause us to only see what is not right or supposedly not happening.  If your eye is single your whole body will be full of light but if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!
A generous life is the result of a person who knows they are loved without condition and thus loves without condition.  Freely you have received, freely give.


Faulty actions that flow from faulty beliefs

I realized recently that many of my insecurities spring from the faulty root of performance and  the belief that i must meet a condition before i can receive and give love.  Yet i find that the Father continues to speak to me about generosity,  about giving freely, about receiving love and that is what i will continue to do.  It takes courage and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to truly give and keep giving until it hurts or you die.   Take courage & never turn back from a generous life.

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