Encouraging Myself in The Lord.

Today,  i am feeling a bit taken aback by all of the things that i seemed to have lost in the past year.  My heart has ached and I can look back at personal decisions that i have made that i regret.   In the midst of this,  what comes to my mind from the Lord as a source of encouragement and comfort is the account of David from above.  David had lost much and under his leadership his men suffered as well but in the midst of it all he recalled the goodness and mercy of the Lord and began to encourage himself in the Lord.  If you have suffered loss it is not the end.  God’s mercy is unfailing.   Encourage yourself in the Lord.

David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. 1 Sam. xxx. 6.

HIS God! Doubtless the chronicler heard him say repeatedly, as he was so fond of saying, “My God, my God. ” “I will say unto God, my rock, why hast Thou forsaken me?” Though he had seriously compromised God’s cause, by the failure of his faith, by consorting with Achish and the Philistines, by a tortuous and treacherous policy, yet God was still his God; and, in the supreme crisis which had overtaken him, he naturally betook himself to the covert of those loving wings.

He encouraged himself. He would go back on promises of forgiveness and succour, which had so often cheered him in similar straits. He would recall his songs in former nights as black as this, and therefore would have hope. He would remember that he had been brought through worse trials; and surely He who had helped him against Goliath and Saul would not fail him against the Amalekites. Besides, he had probably left his dear ones in the protection of the encamping angel; and though his faith might be tried, it could not be entirely disappointed. In this way he encouraged himself. All around was tumult and fear; but in God peace and rest brooded, as swans on a tranquil lake. His men might speak of stoning him; his heart be greatly distressed for wives and children; his life be in jeopardy: but God was a very present help, “Why art thou cast down, and disquieted, 0 my soul? Hope thou in God.”

In similar circumstances, let us have resort to similar sources of comfort; hide in God, and encourage ourselves in Him. It was in this spirit that John Knox, when about to face death, said to his wife, “Read to me where I first cast anchor.”

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