For the Simple

Hello all of my family.

I have had some recent great blessings occur in my life. God is so good. When the Lord has spoken and said for something to be, it shall be. “..,the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.”-Prov 19:21 Ha!

Long story short…

There were some complications in the school loans that were the means to aiding me to going to the school I know God has called me to. It was told to me that NEITHER of the previous 2 simesters I attended school had been paid for, that i owed them a large amount of money, that I was going to their school without paying and was in danger of being kicked out.

I was told that if I did not I get a cosigner who was creditworthy soon that I would be kicked out [not in so many words but this is definitely what came across strongly]

I began to trust God. No doubt I struggled in my mind with natural circumstances BUT God.

Last night as I drove home and thought over many different things
these thoughts came:


…why is it that things in my life are as they are?

…why couldn’t I have parents who are creditworthy or at least had left me a good heritage!

But even as those thoughts passed through my head the Lord spoke and saved me from that negative thought process with the faith He imparts through His word.

“…yes, I have a good heritage.”

I knew that scripture! It was the one in Ps. 16.

Faith arose as in the light of that scripture I realized that as a believer and God’s son I do have a heritage!

“…yes, I have a good heritage.”

In Christ we have been given all things![I Cor 3:22]

I began to speak it and to rejoice in God for what He had already done! Praise God!!

The devil is a liar.

Today I went to the financial aid office and checked on the whole situation and they told me that the complete amount of the disbursments to cover the last two simesters and my books would be in by wednesday. Hallelujah!

I’ve thought often this month that it seems as if i am rediscovering faith. It seems to be so fresh to me and i feel so amatuer. I’m thankful that God has made everything so simple. Faith is fitting for simple ones like me.