Goodfellas. Good evening. 🙂

So today I found this quaint place close to the office called Goodfellas and stopped by there for dinner.  The decor was great and the atmosphere was classy.  I could hear Frank Sinatra playing in the background as waiters bustled about and fulfilled their orders.  It was my first time and I found that the service was exceptional as well.  When I pulled into the parking lot it was next to a hotel and was full of cars so I thought, “Either this place has great food or that hotel is wildly popular.” I was pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant was a winner.  The appetizer of soup came out fast but the main entree took a bit longer – which was to be expected.


Overall the restaurant was a great experience.  I would rate it 3 1/2 stars out of five (due to a slight delay on the food)  but I would go back.

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