He’s with me in the valley…

To my brothers and sisters,

Life consists of several things now and rather similar to things mentioned before.




-Attempts to keep myself in balance and out of the extremes and excesses

-Constant pleas for the mercy of God.


Though life is not all i had expected, God is soooo good. He is my Father. I don’t ever desire to leave a tone of despair when the hope that God has given us in Christ is so overwhelmingly great. When faced with the seemingly “appearant realities” of present circumstances it may be easy to despair. However, through all the pain I know it is the same Loving Father who continually reminds me that He is working it all out and that He has a plan.

I choose to believe that His plan overshadows even my weakness. He knows the end from the begining. He’s seen my worst and still He’s called me. I believe that. He loves me. Though sometimes i find it very hard to understand why, or even believe that I’m lovable It’s because he chooses to do so. One thing I have noticed in my life is that there is always that sense of the tragic that seems to overshadow whatever victories may come. I’m sure we all share this to a degree but isn’t it amazing (if you’ve ever experienced this) how the enemy can make yours seem worse than others? As if your struggle were greater than others and no one understands.

Yet even in the midst of this I hear the voice of the Father saying “…come now, let’s reason together…” , “you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in your struggle…” There is One who knows all to well the struggles we face, though terrified of the struggle, when the time came for Him to be glorified He did not shrink from the will of the Father. He knows very well the sorrow of heart and the temptations that often assail us but in the midst of all of it He stood unmoved and in Him I know i can continually find a steady anchor and safe harbor. This is the victory, even our faith!

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  1. OldDog53

    Thanks… I NEEDED that! I know all to well the struggle of right and wrong, and how it sometimes seems as if nothing can EVER be fully ‘right’. I dare to question God’s ‘fairness’ and ‘Justice’, yet judge myself (and fail) by a far greater standard than even He allows!
    It always seems that questions are many and answers are few…


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