In Love

What is it that you say when words fail. The expression of a heart is a sacred thing. One that takes fearlessness. What is it to be Loved? Do we know? How in the world could we who have recieved the greatest of all loves be so broken. Broken but yet healed? Is this paradox reality? How often are things hid for security’s sake? Suppose for once we do let another into our heart’s our deepest thoughts then would they rip us out and destroy the things most dear to us? Would they destroy us? What is it to trust? Can we trust once more? How shall we ever know the joy of love without the unvieling of who we are? Can one who is unknown ever truly be loved? If so, then what about that person is to be loved?

Is it time?

To trust again…


… up once more to really recieve a love that’s real?

In the light of the love of Jesus we shall find we are not as ugly as once we thought ourselves to be. We shall see the wonder of it all…

…All things have been made new!

Psalm 139; I John 4:7-12

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