Ordinary People by John Legend [COVER] My Recording & Learning Process Vlog

The Final Song

Before You begin to read about the process you may want to hear the track.

Putting Action to Dreams

For the longest time I have wanted to produce covers for songs that I love and consider great works of art.  The song Ordinary People by John Legend is one of those songs that I would consider a work of art.

Testing Equipment

I recently acquired a great mic from a friend who asked me to test it for a podcast we are going to create together so I decided to put the mic to the ultimate test by recording music on this particular microphone.

While the sound of the microphone is great what has come to me as a surprise is the fact that there are many other variables to consider, such as acoustics, feedback levels & the mix/mastering phase that go into producing studio quality sound.

I can say I was disappointed a bit that I could not make my voice sound as crisp and as clear as John Legend but I’m very aware that I don’t have the skills of the Audio Engineers on his track, the studio or quality of equipment he likely has as well.

Excited to Share My Gift

At the end of the day I am satisfied that I was able to get my voice on a track that sounded decent and also glad that I could share this with the world.  I’m sure that with more practice the  production quality will increase and I will likely begin to build some type of studio as I am able to do so.

The one thing I can say is that I absolutely LOVE music & I LOVE to sing.  I do this for the sheer joy that I get from being able to exercise my gifts.  I hope you enjoy this song and you also enjoy the process video I put together to share my journey of how I did it all.

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  1. Joseph Abraham

    “Sometimes perfection can lead to paralysis and zero production.”

    Wise words from Verious.


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