We’re taking the youth of our church to one of these soon (Jan. 26 – 27)! I’m excited.

I think every person should be infected by the culture and heart passion for God that you see at Teen Mania.

Acquire The Fire Altar Call

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  1. Ky_Wes

    HEY brother, me and jeremiah are here at my house about to eat dinner. we both were thinking about you, hope you are doing well, jerry said you came to mind the other day and prayed for ya, ya da man

    wes and jeremiah

  2. prophet_21

    ATF is worth the time without a doubt.

  3. payounger

    Good times…I was there for that…I believe that was the Canada event and that was Ron’s daughter singin’. Yeah.

  4. InHisSteps13099

    so many memories…I love ATF altar calls…
    They are always a remainder of all the work you put into each event to see those kids lives changed forever!


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