Quick Update

     Haven’t posted in awhile. I plan on posting what the Lord showed me about the Alladin song but the basic idea of it is that In Christ God opens up a whole new world to us. The song itself really spoke to me. God will take us places in Him that people have always told us (or if not told at least implied by unbelief) we can’t go. Hallelujah!

God has given me a homeless friend.

Please pray for his deliverance from the enemy. His name is Rico.

I’ll be moving soon.

God is so loving.

I’m out.

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  1. twotimothy

    Sounds like God is already taking you places ! I will praying for your relationship with Rico …….. for the anointing to be on you powerfully ….. the anointing that BREAKS EVERY YOKE !  Prayin !


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