(This is a continuation of yesterday’s post)


The connotation of death contained within the three letters R.I.P. can be taken into practical consideration. Death is indeed what this peace is to flow out of. It is only in entering into the death of the Lord Jesus Christ through our faith in His finished work that we can truly walk in the peace He gives us. We have indeed already died in Him (Gal 2:20) It is only throgh our faith expressed in the inclusive work of His death on the cross that we can grow experientially in that peace [that is, freedom from fears and agitating passions]. When we reckon upon the historical fact of our death in Christ our freeedom from the entanglements of this world actually begin to be realized in experience [though it has been settled once-for-all at the cross forever]. Thus, in Him, through His cross, we begin upon our road realizing that “the world has been crucified unto us and we to the world.”


This has been my practical daily experience and God has made it all possible. He has most definitely been giving me increasing understanding of His work to which I am thankful. There is a righteousness to which the law testifies. A righteousness of faith found only through the death and resurrection of God’s Son. And for that I am grateful. Not merely that the death of the the Lord Jesus meant forgiveness but also that it is the means to our deliverance.

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