Random thoughts on Politics, Faith and the state of America

This post is actually intended to be a start to a new category on my blog where I simply unload my thoughts in a not-so-orderly fashion. I normally have tons of things that are swimming around in my mind that I generally want to share with others but I never get around to sharing it all. I will be placing all such thoughts under the category: “looking out my window” because I am attempting to articulate and communicate my view on a multitude of current issues in the world.

Take it for what it is, You have been warned.

The state of our nation

One of the things that constantly comes to mind for me these days is the mess that our nation is currently in.  The inner workings of the #BlackLivesMatter group have baffled me. Senseless murders (whether that be from the side of law enforcement or those seeking vengeance) have grieved me and  the inability of the majority of individuals to listen to reason has confounded me.

What is also disconcerting at times is the inflamed rhetoric that flies forth after a single misunderstanding or possibly an accidental occurrence. The general state of things reminds me in my mind of an airplane in which the engine(s) have burst into flames and is now in a slow motion descent to the ground from which it once gloriously took flight.

Believers must pray

As a christian I know my calling is to pray for our nation.   God has given this to me as a believer as the first priority of my responsibility and civic duty toward the nation I live in.   I am also called to realize where my citizenship truly resides (in heaven) and not cling too closely to a current reality.

I think about Daniel and the book of Daniel.  I have thought lately that I will go back and read this book because i believe it is relevant to our times.   I am not going to quote direct scriptures at the moment because i am too lazy to look them up but some highlights of the times we are in that is mentioned in the book of daniel come specifically to mind.  I will paraphrase them briefly:

  • Those who know their God will be mighty and do exploits for God
  • God’s kingdom would be established as a mountain that fills the earth
  • There will be times of testing for believers in which they will have a chance to prove the genuineness of their faith
  • There will be leaders & teachers whose wisdom causes them to shine like stars in the heavens
  • Some of the leaders will fall & those who were following them would also fall away. This is another test.
  • People would travel the earth with ease and knowledge would be multiplied (hint, hint, Information age)

I am not sure of the timelines of most of the general points I have mentioned but I mention them to simply state that in my mind’s eye I see a need for believers to be aware of these realities & go read the book of Daniel.

Some random thoughts

With the beginning of election season upon us, each believer has the grand opportunity to get educated about the issues and about the platforms of every one of the possible candidates.  I can say that I have personally been inundating myself with information.   I have a particular candidate that I personally am rooting for. I won’t mention that possible candidate in this post.  If you are my friend on Facebook you will already know that person.

What I highly commend to each person is a particular path in choosing who you should vote for:

Educate yourself

Our american public is in one of the most vulnerable states it has ever been in.  Why?  I think the reason lies in the dumbing down of the entire culture through convenience.   I have recognized in this season that there has been much from the side of the press that involves flat-out manipulation.   My encouragements to every citizen is to get a copy of our United States Constitution and read it for yourselves.  Find out what is in the Constitution and why it is in the Constitution.

The only power others should have over us is the power we willingly give.  Even God will not force our will.




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